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Carmel Valley is one of seven appellations which comprise Monterey County's diverse wine country; and of these, Carmel Valley is perhaps the most distinct. Nestled into the towering Santa Lucia Range, Carmel Valley geographically defies daytime zephyrs and fogs, yielding the sizzling summer afternoons that are especially favorable to Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and other red varietals. Sauvignon Blanc and Zinfandel also perform exceptionally well in Carmel Valley.

The 11.5 miles from Highway 1 to Carmel Valley Village are dotted with wine tasting rooms. At the 5-mile mark is the Chateau Julien Winery and tasting room housed in an elegant French-style Chateau built in 1982. Further on, Carmel Valley Village boasts quite a few additional tasting rooms: Durney-Heller Estate, Bernardus, Georis Winery, Joullian Vinyards, Talbott, Chateau Sinnet Joyce, Boekenoogen, and Parsonage.

High above Carmel Valley at the summit of Laureles Grade, is Wines of Carmel. Beyond Carmel Valley Village, in Cachagua Valley, lie Galante Vineyards and Joullian Vineyards.

FORBES.COM (March 18, 2013)

About the Carmel Valley Village wineries, Ann Abel, had this to say in her article:
"About a 20-minute drive from the coast, Carmel Valley Village is worth a detour for an afternoon of laid-back wine tasting. The town is less than a mile from end to end, and home to almost 20 wineries. It’s an easy walk from one to the next, but local character Cowboy Pete holds court in his wagon in a parking lot, eager to shuttle visitors from tasting room to tasting room. Be sure to visit Joyce, where 27-year-old winemaker Russell Joyce is taking some interesting risks (and buy a bottle of his Stele Chardonnay—a very worthy non-splurge at $18)."


2013 list of top wine travel destinations includes Monterey, California.
"Monterey County offers so many unique and top-class experiences in not only wine and food but in everything from outdoor adventures to art to sightseeing. It has an undiscovered, offbeat, creative flair while at the same time offering very elegant experiences. We feel Monterey represents our reader —extremely modern, approachable, sincerely quality driven. Glamour without pretense. Progressive,"explained Wine Enthusiast Executive Editor Susan Kostrzewa in a press statement.

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Carmel Valley Village Wine Tasting Rooms.

Heller Estate
69 W. Carmel Valley Road
Tel. 831-659-6220
Open Daily: 11AM-4:30PM

Joullian Tasting Room
2 Village Drive
Tel. 831-659-8100
Open Daily: 11AM-5:00PM

5 W. Carmel Valley Road
Tel. 831-298-8021
Open Daily: 11AM-5PM

Talbott Vineyards
25 Pilot Road
Tel. 831-659-3500
Open Daily: 11AM-4:30PM

Georis Tasting Room
1 Pilot Road
Tel. 831-659-1080
Open Daily: 11:30AM-5:00PM/Sat.6:00PM
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Cowgirl Winery
25 Pilot Road
Tel. 831-298-7030
Open Wed-Sun: 11:30AM-5PM

Twisted Roots Wine Tasting
12 Del Fino Place
Tel. 831-594-8282
Open Fri-Sun. 12N-5PM

Chock Rock Vineyard
1 Del Fino
Tel. 831-659-7625
Open Daily: 1-5PM

Boekenoogen Winery
24 W. Carmel Valley Road
Tel. 831-659-4215
Open Daily: 11AM-5PM

Chateau Sinnet
13780 Center Street
Tel. 831-659-2244
Open Daily: 12N-6PM

Cima Collina
19 E. Carmel Valley Road
Tel. 831-620-0645
Open Daily: 12N-6PM

Chesebro Wine Tasting
19 E. Carmel Valley Road
Tel. 831-659-2125
Open Thu-Sun: 2-6PM

Holman Ranch Tasting Room
19 E. Carmel Valley Road
Tel. 831-659-2640
Open Daily: 11AM-6PM

Parsonage Wine Tasting
19 E. Carmel Valley Road
Open Daily: 11AM-5:00PM

Idle Hour Tasting Room
9 Del Fino Road
Open Thurs-Sun 11AM-5PM

Mercy Wines
19 E. Carmel Valley Road
Tel. 831-659-4321
Open Thurs-Sun: 11:30AM-4:30PM

Rombi Wines
19 E. Carmel Valley Road
Tel. 831-659-7200
Open Saturday 12NOON-6PM

Joyce Tasting Room
19 E. Carmel Valley Road
Tel. 831-659-2885
Open Wed-Sun 11:30AM-5PM

Folktale Winery & Vineyards
Formerly Chateau Julien Wine Estate
8940 Carmel Valley Road
Tel. 831-624-2600
Open Mon-Fri. 8AM-5PM
Open Sat/Sun. 11AM-5PM

Boete Wine Tasting Room
7156 Carmel Valley Road
Tel. 831-625-5040
Open Daily 12NOON - 5PM

Carmel Valley Village Wine Tasting Rooms:
1---Heller Estate, 69 W Carmel Valley Road
2---Georis Tasting Room, 4 Pilot Road, tel. 831-659-1080
3---Twisted Roots Wine Tasting Room, 12 Del Fino Place, tel. 831-594-8282
4---Cowgirl Winery - 25 Pilot Road, tel. 831-298-7030
5---Talbott Vineyards, 25 Pilot Road, tel. 831-659-3500
6---Bunter Spring Winery, 9 Del Fino Place, tel. 202-744-1343
7---Idle Hour Wine Tasting, 9 Del Fino Place, tel. 831-298-7526
8---Big Sur Vineyards, 3 Del Fino Place, tel. 831-652-3020
9---Mercy Wines, 40 W Carmel Valley Road, tel. 831-659-4321
10--Joullian, 2 Village Drive, tel. 831-659-2800
11--Boekenoogen Winery, 24 W Carmel Valley Road, tel. 831-659-4215
12--Jarman Wine Lounge & Patio, 18 W Carmel Valley Road, tel. 831-298-7300
13--Rombi Wines, 1 Center Street, tel. 831-659-7200
14--Chateau Sinnet, 13780 Center Street, tel. 831-659-2244
15--Bernardus Winery, 5 W Carmel Valley Road, tel. 831-659-1900
16--Jean de Luz, 1 E Carmel Valley Road, tel. 831-659-7966
  • 19 E Carmel Valley Road:
  • 17 - Cima Collina, tel. 831-620-0645
    18 - Parsonage Wine Tasting, tel. 831-659-7322
    19 - Holman Ranch Tasting Room, tel. 831-659-2640
    20 - Chesebro Wine Tasting, tel. 831-659-2125
    21 - Joyce Tasting Room, tel. 831-659-2885
    22 - Coming
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