Carmel Valley Art Galleries

The art and antique scene has changed and expanded considerably recently. Several artisans have opened their studios to the public, others have opened a walk-in gallery for the first time. Still others are showing their art in restaurants, cafes and wine tasting rooms. Although most of them are still in Carmel Valley Village, several can be found on the way up there, at the Mid Valley Shopping Center and the Farm Center. Several antique and gift stores can also be found throughout Carmel Valley. None of these should be missed if you are a serious collector of art and antiques. We definetely recommend that you spend a couple of days reacquainting yourself with the Carmel Valley scene. Chances are that even while stopping to taste some of Carmel Valley's fine wines, making a snack stop, or sitting down for lunch or dinner at one of our fine restaurants, you will be tempted buy some of the art objects displayed around you. Truly!

Patricia Qualls Studio

Expressive Abstract & Contemporary Art
15 W Carmel Valley Road
Carmel Valley, CA 93924

Rolf Lygren Fine Art

Studio / Plein Air Paintings
Open Studio visits - Gallery
15 West Carmel Valley Road
Carmel Valley - 831-236-3306.

Barbara Codd Fine Art Gallery

Carmel Valley Artist
13766 Center Street #22 (Upstairs)
Carmel Valley Village

Gerri's Kelp Kreations

Art Studio, Gallery, Gift Shop
13750 Center St. Suite A
Carmel Valley, CA 93924

Carmel Valley Village Art Galleries Map:
1---Lyonshead Gallery, 12 Del Fino Place - tel. 831-659-4192
2---Edge Art Gallery, 8 Del Fino Place - tel. 831-620-5779
3---Patricia Qualls, 15 W Carmel Valley Rd #E - tel. 831-659-2466
4---Rolf Lygren, 15 W Carmel Valley Rd #A - tel. 831-236-3306
5---Geri's Kelp Creations, 13750 Center St - #A, tel 831-659-5799
6---Carmel Valley Art Association, 2 Chambers Ln. - tel. 831-659-2441
7---Barbara Codd Fine Art, 13766 Center St. #22 (upstairs) - tel. 383-9083
8---Masaoka Glass Design, 13766 Center #G2 - tel. 831-659-4953
9---Peridot Fine Art, 13766 Center St - tel. 831-920-8130
10--Jean de Luz, 1 E Carmel Valley Rd. - tel. 831-659-7966
11--Parsonage Art & Wine, 19 E Carmel Valley Rd. - tel. 831-659-7322

25th Annual Carmel Art Festival May 18 - 20, 2018
For more information about this annual event - Click here.

To order, please call (831)622-9024
Walk-in: The Print Shop at 3722 The Barnyard, Carmel, CA 93923
or email


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